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For customers seeking a high quality Sabatier knife made in France.

We are a specialist kitchen knife retailer offering a range of high quality Sabatier knives made in Thiers, France by Thiers Issard under the Sabatier **** Elephant brand. These are complemented by a range of knife sharpening and other related kitchenware products from carefully selected manufacturers.

Our Knives

We stock various types of knives from general purpose cooks’ knives to the more specialist boning knives used for removing meat from bones or cutting fish and poultry, all in varying sizes and prices.

For those who are looking for a high quality knife at a reasonable price we have our Ideal range. Whilst these knives are not hand sharpened in the way of the knives in our Traditional Forged Ranges they are still made with the care and precision expected of Thiers Issard Sabatier. We stock them in stainless steel with black plastic handles. These knives are not made from a continuous piece of steel but have an aluminium bolster between handle and blade. They are therefore lighter than the other ranges.

For the professional chef or cooking enthusiast seeking our best quality knives we stock a range of Traditional Forged knives with a highly practical black nylon handle in both carbon and stainless steel. This is the type of knife that most people have in mind when they think of a Sabatier knife. These knives are constructed from a single forged piece of steel which runs from one end of the knife to the other. For customers looking not just for a very high quality knife but also enhanced aesthetics, we also stock Traditional Forged knives bearing the unusual red stamina wooden and white micarta handles.

The knives typically found in high street stores are of stainless steel whereas carbon steel knives are often the choice of professional chefs. If you are considering a carbon steel knife, before ordering please read our page Which Sabatier Knife Should I Choose? where the differences are explained.

Some knives which may appear at the dining table are available in stainless steel only.

Take a look and see for yourself the beauty and elegance of these Thiers Issard Sabatier knives which will enhance both your kitchen and your cooking experience.

Age Verification Requirements

Please note that we conduct checks to ensure that our customers are of sufficient age to purchase knives and are unable to fulfil any order until such checks have been satisfactorily completed. We must therefore request that customers ensure that a correct date of birth is provided. Further details of how we might use your information may be found in our Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, it is now a legal requirement in the UK that knives bought from a webshop be delivered using an age verified service. Please see our Pricing, Delivery & Returns page for further details.

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We Believe in Quality

We are a specialist kitchen knife retailer offering a range of high quality Sabatier knives made in Thiers, France by Thiers Issard under the Sabatier **** Elephant brand.

Whilst there are numerous knife manufacturers using the Sabatier brand, only those manufactured in Thiers using traditional methods by skilled craftsmen can truly be described as genuine Sabatier.