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We are pleased to stock a variety of specialty knives, namely boning knives, filleting knives, oyster knives, scallop knives, a ham slicer and a tomato knife.

Boning knives are specially designed for removing bones from meat and poultry and can be used to cut through tough cartilage. The curve in the blade provides excellent control and precision when cutting. They are not designed to cut through bone though, and a meat cleaver is recommended for this purpose. We offer boning knives in two blade lengths, either 4 inches long or 5 inches.

Filleting knives are very flexible boning knives that are used to fillet and remove bones from fish. The long flexible blade  means that you can easily get under the skin of the fish to remove the backbone. We stock filletign knives with either 6 inch or 8 inch blades.

The oyster and scallop knives are short tough knives which are specially designed for shucking these types of shellfish.

The ham slicer has a 12 inch rounded carbon steel blade designed to make short work of a large joint of ham. It can also be used for slicing large fruit such as watermelon.

Our tomato knife has a 5 inch stainless steel serrated blade which slices cleanly through the tough skin of a tomato and leaves the soft flesh in perfect condition.

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We are a specialist kitchen knife retailer offering a range of high quality Sabatier knives made in Thiers, France by Thiers Issard under the Sabatier **** Elephant brand.

Whilst there are numerous knife manufacturers using the Sabatier brand, only those manufactured in Thiers using traditional methods by skilled craftsmen can truly be described as genuine Sabatier.

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Due to a complicated history, knives are sold under the Sabatier brand which have been made by numerous manufacturers, in different locations and to different standards.

All of knives are produced to the highest standard by Thiers-Issard in Thiers, the traditional centre of cutlery excellence in France and the historical home of Sabatier.

Thiers-Issard was founded in 1884 by M. Pierre Thiers who had a extraordinary reputation as a skilled blacksmith. When he created his company he added his wife’s name in order to avoid confusion with other local families of the same name.

If you are interested in the straight razors produced by Thiers-Issard these are available in the UK through The Invisible Edge.

This video presentation below provides more information about Thiers-Issard and the manufacturing processes they employ.




You may be wondering whether to choose a stainless or carbon steel knife. Most high street stores selling knives will only stock stainless steel knives. We offer a choice of stainless steel or carbon steel knives.

Essentially, carbon steel produces a finer edge than stainless but it can easily corode and will quickly discolour. More information may be found on our page Stainless or Carbon Steel?

Our Traditional Forged range of knives are forged from either 4116 Aissy Chrome Vanadium Stainless Steel or from C60 carbon steel, both with a hardness of around Rockwell 55. They have a riveted handle of black nylon, red stamina or white micarta.

Our Ideal range of knives with an aluminium bolster are made of polished molybdenium stainless steel with a riveted ABS handle. The steel hardness is minimum Rockwell 55.

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