Naniwa Rust Eraser


If you wish to clean corrosion or staining from a carbon steel knife, try the Naniwa Rust Eraser A-903. The block has a texture similar to a pencil eraser and contains aluminium particles specifically designed to remove rust. While you may find it leaves fine scratch marks, this is because ultimately it is removing rust through abrasion. However, as the particles in the eraser are so small this is minimal. The Naniwa Rust Eraser block is slightly flexible and as the particles run through the entire block so it will continue working despite the block wearing away. Perfect for cleaning emoving rust from carbon steel knives, it has many other applications. You can also potentially use the block for rust removal on items such as pans, stoves, tools, skis and many other items. These erasers are grey which seems to have replaced the pink of earlier blocks. Size: 50 x 40 x 20 mm Material: fused alumina polyvinyl chloride

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