Sabatier Oyster Knife


The Sabatier Oyster Knife is a robust shucking knife with stainless steel blade and sapele wood handle. Perfect for removing an oyster from its shell.The knife is manufactured from a single piece of steel, clad in an attractive sapele wood handle secured with brass rivets. The handle is approximately 9cm long while the blade length is approximately 6.5cm. The blade has an edge to the lower side but is also ground towards the tip on the upper side to assist in opening the oyster shell.Having placed the oyster flat side up on a bread board or similar surface, the Sabatier Oyster Knife should be inserted in the hinge at the smaller end of the oyster. Once the hinge pops, run the knife round the to separate the shell halves. It is advisable to use a tea towel or similar to protect the hand holding the oyster. Use is at the owner's own risk!Whilst oysters are available all year, they're best eaten in the colder months from September to April. While a long-standing myth says oysters should not be eaten during months that do not contain an "R" (May through August), oysters generally are thin in the summer because they devote their energy to reproducing.A video from the public body Seafish about opening oysters may be found here.

Knife Details


Blade Length6.5cm

Handle MaterialSapele Wood

Blade MaterialStainless Steel

Product RangeTraditional Forged Range