Sabatier Scallop Knife


The Sabatier scallop knife has a sturdy stainless steel blade and robust sapele wood handle, and is specifically designed for the shucking of scallops. The handle is approximately 10cm long while the blade is approximately 8cm long and 2.3cm at its broadest. A single piece of steel runs from the base of the handle through to the tip of the blade, while the handle is securely affixed with brass rivets.
To shuck a scallop, it should be held with the flat side uppermost. The Sabatier Scallop Knife should be inserted between the two halves of the shell close to the hinge. It should then be worked all the way round until the scallop pops open. The knife may then be used to cut the muscle and roe away from the shell. A video from the public body Seafish about preparing scallops may be found here.

Knife Details


Blade Length8 cm

Handle MaterialSapele Wood

Blade MaterialStainless Steel

Product RangeTraditional Forged Range