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About Sabatier Knives UK

Sabatier Knives UK

Welcome to Sabatier Knives UK. We are a specialist kitchen knife retailer offering a range of high quality Sabatier knives made in Thiers, France by Thiers Issard under the Sabatier **** Elephant brand.

Whilst there are numerous knife manufacturers using the Sabatier brand, only those manufactured in Thiers using traditional methods by skilled craftsmen can truly be described as genuine Sabatier. In 1884, Pierre Thiers, a master cutler and razor maker, founded Thiers Issard. Around the same time he also purchased the **** SABATIER trademark from Gabriel Sabatier, who had registered it in 1860. The company started making the high quality knives that are still being made in the same way today.

We stock various types of knives from general purpose cooks’ knives to the more specialist boning knives used for removing meat from bones or cutting fish and poultry, all in varying sizes and prices. For those who are looking for a high quality knife at a reasonable price we have our Ideal range. Whilst these knives are not hand sharpened in the way of the knives in our Traditional Forged Ranges they are still made with the care and precision expected of Thiers Issard Sabatier. We stock them in stainless steel with black plastic handles. For the professional cook we stock our Traditional Forged knives with a highly practical black nylon handle in both carbon and stainless steel. For customers looking for a very high quality knife which is also a thing of beauty, we also stock Traditional Forged knives bearing the unusual red stamina wooden and white micarta handles.

Some knives which may appear at the dining table are available in stainless steel only.

About Sabatier Knives

Our Traditional Forged Sabatier knives have blades manufactured using an intricate, multi-step process by skilled craftsmen. A piece of solid steel alloy is heated to a high temperature and pounded while hot to form the parts of the knife (the blade, bolster, and tang) in one operation. This means the knife has the perfect balance and alignment that many professionals value so highly. The blade is then heated above its critical temperature, this varies depending on the alloy used, cooled rapidly and then tempered to the desired hardness. Finally the handle material of choice is securely affixed using rivets for a lifetime’s use. Finally the blade is polished and sharpened by hand.

Please note that not all Sabatier are the same. There are other manufacturers using the name Sabatier but some of these knives are mass produced and not of the same quality as the Thiers Issard knives we sell.

Take a look and see for yourself the beauty and elegance of these Thiers Issard Sabatier knives which will enhance both your kitchen and your cooking experience.

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